My mission is to provide an opportunity for worldwide open-minded clients to discover the healing energy within themselves’ and move their health beyond self-limited thinking, creating the most valuable healing experience with the highest integrity. I encourage an individual’s desire to gain knowledge through education, services and supplements, helping each one to grow as an individual while being true to their own nature.
— Mary Ewalt

As a Traditional Naturopath, Mary Ewalt guides like-minded adults and children on a natural path to optimum health. After completing her education at The United States School of Naturopathy and Allied Sciences in 2002, Mary opened her holistic health (energetically based) business in Marquette, MI. She went on to become a nationally certified biofeedback specialist by the Natural Therapies Certification Board.  She is also internationally licensed as a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist from the International Medical University of Natural Education. Additionally, she is registered in Washington, D.C. as a Naturopath.   Believing in community outreach and education, Mary has been a featured speaker at the Integrative Health Resources Holistic Health Forums and for other support groups within the Marquette area.  She has written several articles and been featured in a local holistic magazine

Her primary goal is to help people discover and utilize the healing energy within themselves to repair, replenish and restore their health.  With the clients’ needs being of utmost importance, Mary offers a wide range of unique to highly specialized programs and services using quantum energetic medicine™, quantum biofeedback, allergy release, life coaching etc. 

To ensure her clients the best quality healing sessions, Mary continues to remain on top of the most current research and information in her profession. Her current focus is further extensive training in both bio-energetic and biofeedback work, always diligent in her efforts for exploring new methods and gathering the latest information.  Mary has recently traveled both in the U.S and internationally to train with some of the leading researchers, scientists, and doctors in the area of energy medicine

Mary is currently training with Dr. Yu. As well as having 22 generations of traditional Chinese medicine in his lineage, Dr. Yu has Doctorates in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Acupuncture, and is certified in orthomolecular medicine, naturopathy, and homeopathy and as a sports physician. He is formulator of an innovative nutritional product line called Dr. Louie Yu Formulations.  Mary is grateful to be able to tap into Dr. Yu’s extensive and broad experience in the healing arts to assimilate and integrate new concepts and techniques into her own practice. 

Mary lives with her greatest asset and supporter, husband Leonard Ewalt, in Gwinn, MI. They often find themselves taking trips to Lower Michigan to visit their son Larry, his wife and dearly loved grandchildren, Haylee and Hunter.