Quantum Energetic Medicine™ (QEM™)

QEM is a gentle holistic approach to healing that uses energy manipulation of the human bioenergetics field. Our focus in QEM™ is to analyze energetic weaknesses and make very specific corrections to relieve a personal problems. QEM™ analysis and corrections are broken down into eight main categories: mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, physical, chakras, and meridians.  Many clients appreciate the gentle holistic approach to healing.

What is the Energetic Body? 

Science has taught us we have a physical body composed of matter. Quantum physics recognizes that matter in its most elemental form is energy. As bodies composed of energy, we are affected by energy. Quantum Energetic Medicine™ practitioners believe that this energy body infuses the physical body and extends slightly beyond it-and that it forms a type of template (energy pattern or blueprint) for the physical body. The strength and ease with which the mysterious life force flows through the energy body affects the function of the physical body.

How Does an Energy Disruption (Stress) Affect Health? 

Any Disruption in the energy body results in a reduced flow of energy to and through the corresponding part of the physical body. Therefore, there is less healing energy available to the very area that most needs it! If the disruption is large, it may show up as disease or impaired function.  QEM™practitioners focus on the energy which gives us life and optimum health rather than just addressing symptoms. They work with underlying causes of issues and address different factors at each visit.

The Quantum Energetic Medicine™ Process 

Quantum Energetic Medicine™ is a holistic, non-invasive technique that follows a systematic approach.  Information obtained from deeply rooted energetic footprints locked in at the subconscious level is utilized, along with specialized kinesiology (muscle testing). These methods are used to obtain information from the body itself about what needs to be done. Energy from the practitioner's hands is then directed to a particular area of the body to assist in re-establishing the energy pattern, so the body can begin needed repair. Your body does the healing; your practitioner directs energy to trigger that process. (Your practitioner may also make herbal/nutritional suggestions to assist your progress.) Programming the procedures into appropriate memory centers affords lasting results. This "programming" is much like saving on a computer, so that the same procedures generally do not have to be repeated. The body is then able to operate at a higher level, and general health may improve.

Benefits of Quantum Energetic Medicine

Each person is unique, and QEM™ practitioners are trained to help guide the body to energetic harmony.  Quantum Energetic Medicine™ may result in a heightened energy level, an improved sense of well being, a strengthened immune response, and a decrease of pain. Positive results have been experienced with many problems such as sports injuries or falls, pain, various toxic reactions, digestive disorders and circulatory issues, and learning disabilities and ADD, to name a few.  It is exciting to know that QEM™ clients have experienced positive, powerful improvements with diverse situations