Quantum Biofeedback Stress Detection and Reduction

Quantum biofeedback is a holistic approach to stress detection and reduction. The information provided is completely different from what you might be familiar with x-rays, blood tests, and diagnostic tests.

During a balancing session the feedback loop is made accessible by the conductive straps attached at your wrists, ankles and forehead. It conveys the status of your energetic state and the direction in which your body may be focusing its energy. 

By detecting stress in your energy fields, a frequency can be offered to your body to promote relaxation and stress release. Your body may respond to this by alternating its own energetic frequencies, thus creating a natural change. The harmonizing frequencies may stimulate the body to regain its own state of harmony, which may naturally lead to a state of greater overall well-being.

It is important to understand energetic stresses are identified in order of the body’s priorities. It is similar to peeling an onion. Each session has the possibility of working with the outermost layer. While possible stress may be reduced in one session, it is more likely a series of sessions will be beneficial for long term stress reduction.